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What To Do When Nothing In Life Goes Right

Bad days can happen at any point in your life. But sometimes you experience long-lasting stretches where you feel nothing in life goes right for you. You may feel demotivated and confused, even when trying to stay focused.  You may feel hopeless for days, weeks, or even months.

Life does not go the same as we plan or expect. It comes with many unexpected turns, bumps, twists, ups and downs.

Like many of you, I have experienced difficult times in my life. At some points in my life—one thing after another crumbled like a row of bricks. That was the moment when I felt nothing was going right for me.

It takes courage to get through tough times. But it also gives us self-awareness. Tough times teach us when to take a break and where to restart.

In this article, I will discuss some smart moves. These tips will help you bounce back when nothing in life goes right.

10 practical tips to stay motivated when nothing in life goes right

Determining what to do next might be challenging when nothing is going right in your life. Even if you know what your next plan is, it might not be easy to choose one. It may be difficult to choose the right one that will effectively work for you in the future.

Here are 10 smart moves to get back on track, even though life may keep throwing obstacles in your path. I hope these tips will help you feel better, recover, and get back on track.


When everything goes wrong, we need a pause to collect our thoughts. So, must pause and take some deep breaths.

Spend some time thinking about the different facets of your life. Find any potential sources of negativity that need to be changed. This little break will help you decide not to act on negative feelings.

Go back a step when nothing goes as planned

Taking a step back is a smart move if you are serious about changing your life. Go back a step and see what you are doing wrong. It will help you understand why nothing is going right for you.

I found that taking a step back lets you consider everything in perspective. Also, you can see how continuing on your current path will affect the other dominoes.

Look out for changes or redefine your goal

When nothing in life goes right, it can be frustrating. Sometimes, you endure defeat. This scenario can happen to anyone. In such situations, you must pause and restart with some changes.

Changes always make a big difference. Sometimes, small changes work, but other times, a much more significant change is needed. Suppose there is someone in your life who only brings you bad things. Leaving that person is necessary, despite how painful it may be.

Often, the only change you need to make is to change your thoughts and way of thinking. Have you ever noticed that things might be better than you think? Here is answer.

I would love to add words I learned when nothing was going right here.

I realized that negative things weren’t only happening to me one day. They were my fault. Things changed once I stopped making excuses and regained control of my life. Though it wasn’t simple, I managed to get back on track. The “bad things” were the outcome of decisions I made, but they vanished day by day once I started to change those wrong decisions. I redefined my goals, and I stay focused on them. For me, things still need to be fixed. Our happiness, however, is something we can control.

Shrink your time frame

Shrink your timeframe—it’s one of the most effective strategies you can do for your mental health.

Do you have any lofty goals that will take some time to achieve?

I guess that most people reading this would say “yes” to that.

Big goals have the drawback that when the excitement wears off, motivation is replaced by doubt and uncertainty.

So, how can you overcome such ongoing failure that discourages you day by day?

Well, one strategy I use when nothing goes right for me is to shrink the timeframe. It can be too stressful for you to make plans for next year, next month or week, or even tomorrow because things are so bad for you right now.

I suggest you stop focusing on your primary objectives. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up them. Use them only as a tool to determine what you can do shortly; don’t fully get rid of them.

Break your big goals into smaller chunks of time. You may feel less anxious when you try this strategy. When you start working on small things, your chances of success will increase.

Go outside

Will a few minutes spent outside truly change your life?

Most likely not, but it’s a good step on the right track. Recent studies show that spending just a few minutes in nature can improve your mood.

So, go outside and walk around the block, visit a park, or even sit outside for a few minutes. It’s best to plan a trip to visit the place you love. A change of scenery can be beneficial.

Visit someone you love

The most precious commodity any of us possess is time, not money. That is why your greatest gift is sharing your time with family members and others. It’s a fact that some people value that gift more dearly.

Our positive relationships impact our happiness, the point is that in difficult times a meaningful relationship is our biggest support.

Whenever I feel sad, I talk to my mother; surprisingly, it is the most joyful experience I have ever had. Our few seconds can make someone happier and help us live a meaningful life.

Visit your monitor for support

You may think that you can do everything by yourself. But the truth is that nobody is as strong as they think. Visit your monitor if you wish to recover after a difficult time. Please spend some time with them talking about the situation. Your mentor can understand your difficulties because they have been where you are. They can offer guidance to overcome doubts and worries.

Read biographies & inspirational stories

We often think we are the only ones who have experienced challenges in our personal or professional lives. Yet the reality is different. We all face ups and downs that come at various stages of life.

Reading the biographies or inspirational stories of others gives ideas for a change in strategy. You can get smart tricks from biographies to stay positive when nothing in life goes right.

Be objective

It can be challenging not to lose perspective and feel like a failure when nothing is going right. However, I think objectively on bad days to see why things are going wrong. Be objective and put a plan to get life back on track. It may take a little time, but this tactic really works.

Do something to stay active

When everything goes wrong, we naturally overthink the problem. I force myself to do something to stay active to get rid of this. Ride a bike, go for a long walk, or go hiking. Yoga and exercise bring you back into the present moment.

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Don’t overthink; practice meditation to break your mind from constantly thinking about what’s going wrong. This mental break will improve your mental health, and you’ll finally get a solution. Lastly, I ask for your personal experiences because this issue is broad. Tell inspirational stories and helpful advice about what to do or where to start when nothing in life goes right. Your motivational stories and practical tips will help people get their lives back on track.

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