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Welcome to Go Health Point, a resource that provides you with the reliable and up-to-date information you need to safely make health decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Before moving on, let’s meet Misbah, who started it all.

Hello everyone! I’m Misbah Tahir, the author and senior editor at Go Health Point. I graduated in Zoology, but I’ve always had a passion for health. Here, I would love to share my journey from a zoologist to a health blogger.

My Journey from Aspiring Doctor to a Health Blogger

I’ve always dreamt of being a doctor, but financial challenges led me to choose a different path. I decided to study zoology, a field in the life sciences.

This transition didn’t deter me from my dream goal of contributing to the health field.

Over the course of six years, I focused on zoology and even explored brain studies and health topics. I enrolled in different psychology courses for a deeper understanding of mental health. These courses covered developmental physiology, abnormal psychology, and human behavior.

Through my studies, I was able to learn and develop an in-depth understanding of health and mental wellness.

I gained extensive knowledge of many facets of physical and mental wellness through years of learning and personal experience. My educational journey led me to embark on health and wellness blogging. Me and my sister, Iqra Irshad, who specializes in nutrition and dietetics, started this blog.

Our mission

Go Health Point is your go-to source to achieve your health goals. Through this blog, we aim to motivate and empower you to prioritize your health.

At Go Health Point, we are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and providing you with valued information about wellness. We are struggling to cover all facets of health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, self-care, mental well-being, and other lifestyle choices openly and objectively.

We are passionate about empowering you to live your healthiest lives with accurate and unbiased information, covering everything from understanding minor infections to managing a new diagnosis. Our blog is a valuable resource in your journey toward a healthier life.

We aim to empower you with the information and resources required to make wise choices. Let’s begin this journey of self-discovery and personal growth toward optimum well-being together.

Why should you read our blog?

Our blog contains precise and in-depth information on a wide range of health and wellness topics. We work hard to deliver reliable information to help you make wise decisions about your physical and mental health.

By reading our health blog, you can gain expert tips and information on your path to better health. All readers will be able to understand our health blog easily. To make sure that everything we publish is understandable, concise, and easy to follow, we use simple vocabulary.

We believe in sharing science-led, well-researched, and always insightful information. We best try to keep our readers informed and updated about the latest health and wellness insights. Through our practical guidance and quality content, we aim to inspire you to seek new and in-depth knowledge about wellness.

Whether you’re looking for a guide on disease, skin, diet, exercise, mental wellness, or general lifestyle choices, we are here to help you throughout the process because your health is our top priority.

Our Policies

User privacy is our priority. That’s why we take privacy seriously, and we listen to user concerns. We may collect data, including your personal information, directly from you if you want to provide it. We and our third-party partners may use tools like cookies and web beacons to automatically gather some information about your visit when you access the site. The data collected on Go Health Point is used to reply to your inquiries and deliver advertising content based on your online activity and interests.

How to reach out to us

Contact us directly at contactgohealthpoint@gmail.com if you have any feedback or corrections to share.

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