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How To Be Happy: 12 Habits For A Happy Mind Happy Life

Are you worried about how to be happy or how to lead a more positive and joyful life? If yes, you’re not alone because happiness is something we all strive for. Living a happier, joyful, and satisfied life is within reach, regardless of what you think about true happiness.

Collective insights suggest you can only learn how to live a happy life when you’ve learned how to be happy with yourself.

There are many small things you can do to be happy and to improve your sense of well-being. In this article, We’ve compiled a list of 12 habits that will help you to lead a happy mind happy life. By adopting these habits into your life, you can start on the right track to happy living!

Why does happiness matter?

Happiness is essential for creating a fulfilling life. It is a feeling of emotion, bliss, joy, and pleasure that comes from positive experiences and relationships. When we are happy, our lives are improved in every aspect; spiritually, physically, and mentally.

We all want to be content with who we are and what we have and a happy mind is a key to achieving this. Happiness is enjoying the little things in life and it helps to reduce stress, build strength, and create a more optimistic outlook.

A happy mind and happy life can enhance our creativity and help us to have the energy and confidence to face life’s challenges. By developing a sense of how to be happy, we can make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable.

Add these 12 habits to your routine for a happy mind happy life

Happy people have some habits in common. They find joy in the little things, show gratitude, share with others, and have strong relationships. They also practice self-care, stay positive, and take risks. Stay positive brings happiness and positive habits always lead to a successful and more joyful life.

Finding happiness is a common goal that everyone wants to learn. Although, there are no standard rules about how to be happy with yourself because happiness is not the same for everyone. Happiness is an inner feeling and many people have success with the habits or ideas outlined here.

Consider the following 12 tips for a happy mind happy life.


Smiling induces a chemical reaction in the brain that elevates mood and lowers stress. A smile triggers our brain to release hormones including dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and cortisol which makes us feel happier.

The hormonal fact is, as Dr. Isha Gupta explains, “Serotonin acts as an antidepressant that lowers stress and aggression. Dopamine enhances the feelings of happiness. Neuropeptides like cortisol and adrenaline relieve pain and also reduce overall blood pressure.” 

So, smile more because it lifts your mood, awakens more positive vibes, lowers stress, and boosts your immune system.

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Take some deep breath

Research supports the fact that taking slow and deep breathing exercises can help to calm yourself down and reduce stress.

Deep breath sends a message to our brain to relax which loosens tense muscles and helps achieve that ‘inner Zen’ or inner happiness we all crave.

When you feel stressed, practice these steps:

  • Close your eyes
  • Try to remember a beautiful place or a happy memory
  • Breathe deeply through your nose
  • Inhale and exhale slowly via your nose or mouth
  • Repeat this deep breathing practice several times until you feel calm
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Get plenty of sleep

Making sure that you get enough sleep because adequate sleep is important to better brain function, and physical and emotional well-being. Studies show that most adults need 7 hours or more of sleep per night.

Exercise regularly

Exercise isn’t just for physical health. It helps stimulate your blood flow. Very intense exercise generates endorphins that can help boost self-esteem and happiness.  Even some small physical activities are beneficial.

30 minutes of exercise in the morning helps improve mood, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep, which can help you feel better.

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Take care of yourself

Self-care and self-love are significant for a happy mind happy life. To learn how to be happy with yourself, learn how to love yourself. Because the more you love yourself, the more happiness you feel.

Stop comparing yourself with others because it is a plus point for your inner peace and happiness. To build your self-esteem, always focus on your strengths.

Practice some light exercises and yoga regularly, especially in the morning. Also, don’t forget to have nutritious meals and healthy drinks. Because some foods not only have an impact on your physical health but also affect your state of mind.

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Tips for a Happy mind happy life

Practice gratitude

Gratitude and mindfulness are closely related. We can say gratitude is the secret to a happy life that brings happiness. When you spread positivity to the surrounding people it will bring a positive change in your entire day. Practicing gratitude is a fantastic tip for a happy mind happy life that can enhance your feelings of hope and happiness.

Simply being grateful can make you happy. To give your mood a big boost, you can try starting each day by considering pleasant things you’re grateful for.

Taking a few moments to reflect on the good things in our lives can bring more joy and entertainment into our lives. Always be grateful to God for everything that you have.

Foster your relationships

Humans are known as social beings. Socialization and positive relationships impact happiness, the consensus is that having meaningful relationships can make us happy.

Getting involved in positive relationships is an important part of being happy. So, spend time with your loved ones. Share your thoughts or talk to like-minded people in your circle. If you are an anxious guy our guide about books on social anxiety may help.

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A relationship doesn’t have to be limited to humans. According to multiple studies, pets can also offer the same benefits. Love animals, this practice will help you how to find joy in life. Simply taking a walk with your pet through the nearby park can bring inner happiness while enjoying the sights.

Stay kind

Kindness is communicable– it helps to make both you and the people around you feel more pleasing. Research shows that performing acts of kindness makes us genuinely happy and promotes our mental well-being.

Being kind or cooperating with others activates our striatum. Interestingly, this area of the brain responds to things that we find joy in. Your sincere compliment or generosity is a quick, easy way to twinkle someone’s day while giving your own mood a boost.

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Think positive

Negativity can bring us down. Staying positive brings happiness. When you make your thinking positive, it changes the way you feel. Positive thinking & speaking are the keys to sustaining a sense of happiness. 

You may learn to be happier when you start focusing on the more positive side of things rather than dwelling on the negative side. Keep an eye out for little things in your life like you must feel love for the optimistic things, people, and cheerful events in your life.

Explore the nature

According to one Trusted Source, spending 20 to 30 minutes or more a week in greenery can lower blood pressure, depression, and feelings of anxiety.

Nature is our home, a place that we all like.

To enjoy nature and calm down yourself, you can choose any green place or a natural sight such as your own backyard, your neighborhood park, or a rooftop garden. To uncover how to be happy, try to add some outdoor activities to your hectic schedule like planning a trip.

Life is like a book. You will never know what the next chapter holds until you turn the page. So, get in touch with your surroundings and enjoy your life.

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Live in the moment

We are often thinking about the past or worried about the future. But to find joy in the little things, it is important to think about what is happening right now. Living in the present moment means don’t worry about the past or future. It means living for today or enjoying what’s happening now which helps us to appreciate life more and enjoy the little things.

When we live in the moment, we can minimize our stress and boost our mood.  Being mindful of the present moment can enhance our ability to deal with other emotions such as anger or sadness, leading to a happy life.

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Take risks

Research shows that risk-takers are happier. No doubt, taking risks can be painful, but risks boost your level of confidence. Testing unknown things and taking risks can bring excitement and adventure into our lives. 

Living with fear stops us from taking pitfalls, and if you don’t go out on the bough, you’re none going to get the elegant fruit” Sarah Parish

When you take risks, you’ll have more purpose and fewer regrets which will help you to find zeal for life.

Here is one more pro tip that can surely help you to lead a happy mind happy life!

Learn something new

As humans, we are created to learn new things. Time by time our brain craves new stimuli or new input. Doing something we love and think inspirational about may bring us more joy and fulfillment. 

Learning something new brings you happiness. The bonus tip is that learning new things, new hobbies, and new skills will also introduce you to new people.

Final thoughts

In addition to the 12 habits above, there are many other things you can do to live happily. Here are a few to get you started for a happy mind happy life, like stay focus on your dreams and don’t dwell on your weaknesses.

Keep your home and work spaces neat and clean to lead a happy mind. Also taking a few moments to remember your successes can make life more enjoyable. Finding happy living is different for everyone. Try to make some small changes a day that help you feel happier when you do them. Over time these small changes become good habits that can make you a happier—and healthier—person.

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