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Eye Yoga Exercise: 6 Proven Eye Exercises You Must Try

Eye yoga exercise is very beneficial for eye health. It has existed for many centuries with its well-regular benefits. It enhances eye health and eases eye strain—people who generally suffer from eye strain and are worried about eye care. A perfect yoga for the eyes can improve their eye dryness and strain perfectly.

Eye yoga is also called eye exercise. All the yoga eye exercises can give your vision more clarity and treat dry eye symptoms. This article will cover eye yoga exercises and their benefits for improving eye health naturally.

What is eye yoga exercise?

Eye yoga exercise refers to some specific eye movements that are supposed to help strengthen eye muscles. It is the actual way to treat symptoms of dry eye and astigmatism. Commonly yoga for eyes consists of moving your eyes in different directions that improve eyesight and sharpen focus to boost your brain’s response.

Are there any proven benefits of eye yoga?

People often practice eye yoga exercises to improve vision or healthier peelers. Eye yoga undoubtedly improves health, but no scientific evidence supports the claim that it can improve short-sightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, and astigmatism.

However, modern research suggests eye yoga exercises, such as under-eye exercises, can improve eye muscles’ flexibility. These can also decrease eye stress and eye strain.

Some benefits of eye exercises are listed here:

Relive eyestrain

Two thousand twenty research studies showed that performing ocular yoga exercises for 6 weeks can reduce eye fatigue. Another small 2016 research study in which 40 students found less strain and stress by practicing yoga for eyes over 6 weeks regularly. It is a trusted source to strengthen your extraocular muscles that control your eye movement.

When your eyes are aching, especially when using the computer or other screens for several hours. Regular eye yoga is very beneficial to keep your eye muscles sharp and healthy. If you are a student, you should do eye strain exercises daily to remain centered and focused more accurately.

Enhance the connection between body and mind

Yoga eye helps to boost mind and body connection naturally. It works as a healthy stress-reduction tool because it reduces the stress level, which is helpful for strong mind and body connection. It improves your optical nerve conditions and brain response, ultimately improving your focus ability.

Your mind will be able to identify what you are seeing and can identify spontaneous stimuli quickly. Healthy yoga enhances your brain’s response to what’s around you and helps to improve focus.

Improve eyesight

No scientific evidence suggests that eye yoga exercises can improve eyesight. However, yoga eye fans claim it is important for eye care and improving eyesight. Swami Sivananda, the great yogic expert, also claimed that yoga for the eyes enhances visual perception. Many other searches mentioned that yogic meditation, asanas, and breathwork could improve eyesight.

6 proven eye yoga exercises you must try

Here are 6 simple yoga for muscular degeneration and eye health. Try these simple eye exercises for soothing eyes. These exercises can relieve overly tired eyes and remove stress.


Blinking exercises help to lubricate your eye and push out toxins with tears. This yoga exercise for dry eyes is very helpful in hydrating eyes and can easily spread tear film evenly over your eyes. Blinking is very beneficial for your eye health, especially when you’d spend too much time on screen. To avoid dryness, you should blink every 4 or 5 seconds. 

Here’s how to do the blinking exercise.

  • Sit down or stand up straight with open eyes
  • Close your eyes softly
  • Blink your eyes 15 to 20 times quickly
  • Gently take some deep breaths and feel the difference
  • Repeat this yoga eye exercise at least 5 times daily to keep your eyes from drying out
Blinking – eye yoga exercise

Palming eyes

Palming is simple eye yoga to soothe the eyes and relieve stress around the eyes. It can be very beneficial if you are using a computer regularly because it helps to relax tired eyes. A research paper published in 2016, shows that eye yoga could reduce the eye fatigue score in students. You can perform this eye exercise to relax tired eyes in the two steps.

Here’s how to do the Palming eyes exercise.

  • Sit comfortably
  • Rub your hands for 10 seconds to heat up
  • Close your eyes and put your hands on your eyes
  • Feel the warmth until the warmth disappears slowly
  • For good eye health and relaxation
  • Repeat this yoga several times as needed
Palming – eye yoga exercise


This exercise can help to strengthen eye focus. It is also good for adjusting the focal length and improving muscle health.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Focus on an object in a distance
  • Hold on to your object for a full breath
  • Shift your focus onto a closer object like your thumb
  • Hold on to it for another breath
zooming eye yoga
Zooming – eye yoga


This eye yoga trains eye muscles and provides relief from eyestrain. Plus, focusing exercises help to sharpen or improve your ability to focus.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Sit up straight and stretch out your left arm in front of you
  • Put your hand in a thumbs-up posture
  • Look straight ahead and focus your eyes on your thumb
  • Slowly move your arm to your right as possible as you can
  • Follow your thumb with your eyes as your arm moves while keeping your head still, or don’t keep moving your neck or chin
  • Repeat this exercise several times
eye yoga
Focusing – eye yoga exercise

Draw an infinity sign or figure of eight with your eyes

This yoga for eyes should be done from a seated position.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Sit up straight and imagine a horizontal figure of eight in front of you at eye level
  • Slowly draw the figure of eight or an infinity sign with only your eyes without moving your head
  • Keep tracing about ten times and blink between repetitions
  • Switch directions after 30 seconds switch directions
Figure of eight

Eye rolling

This eye exercise for tired eyes helps relieve eyestrain.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Sit up high
  • Take a deep breath and feel comfortable
  • Slowly look up toward the sky, and focus on what’s above you
  • Note, don’t move your head; move your eyes
  • Roll your eyes to the right and focus on what’s directly on your right side
  • Roll both of your eyes down to focus on the floor
  • Roll both eyes to the left to focus on what’s next on that side
  • Roll your eyes back upward and then straight ahead
  • Repeat multiple times, and then switch directions
Eye rolling exercise

Other tips on how to relax the eye muscles and reduce eye strain

  • Go for a morning walk
  • See lush green natural objects like fields and plants
  • Avoid too much use of mobile at night
  • Must drink 8 glasses of water daily
  • Visit your ophthalmologist for a regular check-up
  • Wear protective sunglasses to protect against direct sunlight
  • Keep hydrating your eye every time
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables
  • Maintain your cholesterol levels
  • Quit vaping or cigarette smoke
  • Use cool and blue-shadow eyewear
  • Keep clean your face and eyes
  • Give your eyes some break when using a computer

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This article includes various eye yoga exercises and their specific benefits. Yoga has various benefits for eye health including reducing eye strain and sharpening focus. Eye yoga has many exercises poses, such as palming eye, eye strain exercises, and eyeball yoga, that are very helpful for improving certain eye conditions. Additionally, you should consult your ophthalmologist if you feel yoga harms you.

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