Author name: Misbah Tahir

Misbah Tahir is a senior editor and author at Go Health Point. She received a degree in zoology and is currently working on an MPhil in health science. Misbah began freelancing and writing life and health sciences articles in 2019. She has five years of experience writing articles that readers find inspiring and empowering. Misbah has a deep passion for writing on health, fitness, mental wellness, self-care, human behavior, and mindfulness. Every article she writes shows her dedication to sharing knowledge and encouraging readers to live healthier lives. Misbah is a devoted researcher of neuroscience, in addition to being a writer. Her physiology courses, which covered abnormal psychology, human behavior, and developmental psychology, gave her a thorough understanding of the mysteries of the human mind. Outside the world of health and science, Misbah finds joy in learning new things. Beyond writing, she enjoys reading books, listening to soft music, and loving nature and pets.

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