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What Does The Hip Abductor Machine Do?

You might think about using a hip abductor machine if you want to strengthen your hip muscles. A hip abductor machine commonly works both the adductor and the hip abductor muscles.

The muscles in the inner thighs, known as adductors, are responsible for turning and bringing the legs together. The muscles outside the thighs are called hip abductors, which lift the leg beyond the body. These two muscle groups work in tandem to support the hip joint and pelvis.

By improving the weak hip abductors and adductors, abduction exercises train the glute muscles and enhance core stability. These exercises additionally relieve hip and knee pain.

Let’s look at a hip abductor machine and what it can do for you.

What is hip abduction?

The movement of the leg away from the mid-body, whether in a backward, forward, or sideways direction, is known as hip abduction. When you take a side step, get out of bed, or exit a moving vehicle, you perform this movement.

The hip abductors, a tiny muscular group in the outside thighs and close to the glutes, enable this motion. Hip abductor muscles help us stand, walk, and easily bend our legs. These muscles are frequently neglected, so hip abductor machine exercises exist.

Hip abductor vs adductor machine

The hip abductor and adductor machines are fitness equipment in the gym. A hip abduction machine, often known as a hip abductor machine, or ‘good girl, bad girl’ machine, typically works both the outer and inner thighs.

The hip abduction machine consists of two swivel-able pads that rest on your legs when you sit in it. Depending on whatever muscle area you want to work on, these pads may rest either on the outside or the inner side of the thigh. You push your legs outward or inward against the pads while using the weights as resistance. 

Conversely, the adductor machine involves pressing the pads together while resting on the inner thigh to engage the adductor muscles.

Adduction movements press resistance toward the body, while hip abductor exercises essentially push resistance away from the body.

The target muscles in each movement are different. Hip adduction targets the adductor brevis, adductor magnus, and adductor longus. Hip abduction will target the (TFL) tensor fasciae latae and gluteal muscles, including medius, minimus, and Maximus.

Does the hip abductor machine work?

Athletes, men, and women of all ages use adductor and abductor machines to perform hip abduction exercises. These exercises help them get tight and strong hip muscles. Plus, prevent and treat both knee and hip pain. The abductor muscles can be exercised to increase flexibility, core stability, and better coordination movements.

hip abductors machine

Because of the hip abductors machine, it is now feasible to target and strengthen this muscle area particularly. Small muscle groups should be exercised because they are more prone to strains and injury.

4 conclusive benefits of hip abductor machine

Exercising your adductors and abductors muscles has many advantages, some of which are listed below:

Reduces leg deformity or knee valgus

Knee valgus is the medical term for when the knees collapse inwardly, making a “knock-kneed” appearance and curve look for the entire leg. It frequently occurs both in elderly adults and younger women. It can also be seen in those who exercise poorly or possess muscular imbalances.

According to studies, weak hips are linked to knee valgus; hence, hip abduction exercises can help the problem. Because the hip abductor adductor machine builds up the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) along with three gluteus muscles (as discussed above).

Improve posture

In particular, stronger adductors are crucial for stabilizing the hips and pelvis. Strengthening the muscles that surround these joints can help with posture and ease common symptoms like lower back pain.

Reduce pain

Since the knee and hip bones are connected, diseases like patellofemoral pain syndrome and overuse injuries commonly originate from weak hip adductor muscles.

Thus, the knee’s health and stability depend on the hip abductors’ strength. Hip abductor machines and hip rotators are equally crucial in addition to activities that build the quadriceps.

Hip adduction and abduction exercises are fantastic ways to increase hip strength and decrease the symptoms of such diseases. Plus, painkillers, rest, and muscles stretching around the hip and knee can all help lessen the pain.

A better activation & performance of the muscles

The hip abductors, closely associated with the core muscles, play a key role in balance and athletic performance. Many people have weak gluteus muscles because they spend so much time sitting at work.

Long periods of inactivity can cause the body to “turn off” specific muscles, making it more difficult to activate them while exercising. As a result, the body may start using muscles that aren’t made for such functions.

Thus, specific hip abductor exercises can help to activate gluteus muscles, particularly gluteus medius. For example, performing squats while wearing a resistance band around your knees can improve your overall performance and activate more muscles.

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Examples of adductor exercise

These are examples of abductor exercises that can be performed using a hip abductor machine and an adductor machine. You can also perform these exercises without using any abductor machine.

  • Clamshells
  • Side leg raises
  • Lateral lunge
  • Wide leg squat/sumo squat
  • Adductor slide
  • Cossack squat


Using the hip abductor machine and abductors is more about maintaining healthy hip and pelvic joints than building muscle mass and reshaping the legs.

Sometimes, these tiny muscles can be overlooked, and building them up takes time. But pay attention to them because they can also increase athletic performance and give the larger muscles, like the glutes. These exercises provide better support in addition to helping to relieve frequent aches and pains.

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